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Cousin Naomi’s100th birthday!

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Above is spry, sharp-as-a-tack and funny Naomi, shown here during her global Zoom birthday party celebrating her 100th birthday, December 23, 2020. She had family and friends participating from around the world. Everyone had a chance to say a few things and wish Naomi well on this amazing achievement. Naomi is a role model for us all.

Her three sons organized the event. Above left, Steve, above right, Ron and below on right is Wayne. They did a great job to make this a fun and memorable event for us all to share. Below are some of the historical photos shown.

The slide show that was included in the event had several photos from our various visits with Naomi, such as this typical deli lunch together with Sel, Noel and Naomi.

Here is one family photo excerpted from our website when we first moved in to Devonshire, in 2018 and had a family dinner together. At left, Artie, Margy, Noel, Sel, Naomi, Marty and Susan.

The photo below was excerpted from another deli lunch, with cousin Wendy.

Once again we had a family and friends reunion in 2018 that included, left to right: Margy, Stewart, Sherry, Naomi, Susan, Fran, Zev, Marty, Antonia, Cristian and Valentina.

Last year Wayne and his partner Tom flew east from California to visit Wayne’s mom, Naomi. This prompted another family reunion when Naomi was about 99 years old. At left are: Margy, Artie, Wendy, Marty, Susan, Wayne, Tom, Naomi, Sel and Noel. See how great Naomi looks below, at 99 years of age. She’s the same now at 100! Below, Marty, Susan and Wendy with Naomi.

Here are a few more live shots from the Zoom birthday celebration. At left, the “birthday girl.” Below, cousin Wendy, then Sel and Noel and Ray and Shelley.

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful, elegant and fun lady. We love you, Naomi!

Happy 100th Birthday!