2nd Trip North


Our first chartered jet flight

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The second week of December we decided to make a trip to visit Margy’s family in Upstate New York. We last made a trip north in May, by car.  We could have gone by commercial air, traveling from Florida, through Atlanta, through Detroit and finally reach Binghamton NY after too many flights and too many hours. So we figured we’d try our first air charter, with a private jet taking us only 3 hours and 20 minutes door to door. It was great!

We used Monarch Air Group and they were fantastic. Ryan, their director of charter sales, was so helpful. He provided clear information about the flight and airplane (as shown here).

We drove our Tesla right to their private terminal, across from the main Palm Beach International (PBI) airport. The map above is from our Tesla screen, and the red triangle is exactly where our car was parked during our trip.

This is the jet we used for the flight. It’s amazing how easy and convenient the private charter is to use. We walked from their beautiful terminal (photos above) directly to the plane, which was waiting a few feet from the back doors.

Margy relaxes in her seat. The plane had seats for 7, but we were the only passengers. Up front were our pilots, Clyde and Sue. They were courteous, professional and safe. We felt we were in good hands.

Above, Artie shares the exciting experience with his brother, Ray, on FaceTime, while Margy captures the moment on her camera.

They provided us with a basket of snacks to choose from and other food for the flight. At right, Margy bundles up in preparation for the cold northern weather we’d soon face.

Artie napped a bit during the flight. At right, Margy shows off her travel socks for the trip!

Below, some of the beautiful Florida coastline and blue skies. The weather north was quite a bit different. What a thousand miles north  (1.600 km) can do for climate.

Coming in for landing at the Binghamton NY airport. Can you see the white trim on the sides of the airstrip? That’s snow!