Florida fun


John and Bobbi’s visit

John and Artie have been friends for 45 years, when they both worked together near Syracuse NY. We’ve enjoyed many good times together, with John and his family, such as our 2008 trip to Easter Island (photo excerpt from our webpage at right).

In January 2020, John, and his wife Bobbi, were the first visitors to our apartment. They arrived just a few days after our return from our 2019 year-end global travel to Chile, Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia.

Their visit brought back good memories of visits as shown below.

Our 2017 iFly experience together in Maryland.

Below, our 2018 visit while traveling from New Hampshire to Florida to move into our new Devonshire apartment.

Now, back to the present: January 2020’s first visitors to Devonshire. We FaceTimed with Mónica, who was still in Australia. It’s fun catching up with old friends.

They attended a Saturday morning choral group practice, meeting the director, Paul, afterwards.

We fit in a pickleball practice session with Devonshire friend, Allen.

John took a turn at driving our Tesla Model X.

Above, we visited Artie’s cousin Selma and her husband Noel in nearby West Palm Beach, Florida.

Below, we did a Skype chat with John and Bobbi’s daughter, Kristin, and her husband Jason. The surprise news during that call was that Kristin and Jason are having a baby! We are so happy for them.

We always enjoy the opportunity to be with John and Bobbi, and were thrilled that they came to visit.