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In April 2018 we decided to move to Devonshire. In August 2018 we moved in. We’ve been living here now for over a year and absolutely love our new home and lifestyle.

There are events every day, through the weeks and months. For example, every Monday night is a musical show, such as this special Japanese drum group.

Our movie theater has old classics and new movies, such as this 2019 documentary of the life of Luciano Pavarotti. There are 4 showings a day, and the movies change every 2 or 3 days.

Beverly sports a funny T-shirt at left, and Sharon enjoys her grand kids visiting for her 80th birthday party. Sharon teaches Spanish and Artie helps with white-board graphics in the class.

Artie helped Bob with a project at Linda’s apartment and afterwards we took a spin in our Tesla, with Bob at the wheel.

We’ve met so many wonderful people here at Devonshire.

Florence was a student in Artie’s tai chi classes earlier in the year. She was inspired to purchase Artie’s “Get Fit and Stay Fit” book, which he signed for her in her apartment. While there, Artie showed Florence some tips for improving balance.

Artie joined Margy in the Saturday morning choral group. To see more photos from earlier this year, go to mid-page in this link to clubs we’ve joined.

Devonshire staff do a great job decorating the clubhouse for all the major holidays and seasons. They did an especially creative job with the halloween theme this year. Dining room servers dressed up as police, and residents wore all sorts of costumes.

We were honored to be judges for the employee halloween party. There were prizes for best costume, most original and team awards too. There were also staff contests including musical chairs and a unique mummy wrap with toilet paper. The staff spirit and fun were evident.

From little Wonder Woman outfits to creative 60s hippies, all had a good time.

One group, above, even did a skit for entertainment. Below, the mummy wrap!

This contest brought lots of laughs.

Below, the competitive spirit was very evident as contestants vied for the remaining chairs when the music stopped.

We love our beautiful and fun community of Devonshire!