August Travels


Starting in Scottsdale, Arizona

With Mónica and Gustavo we traveled for 8 days, through 3 western USA states (Arizona, Utah and Nevada), traveling 1,031 miles (1.670 km) on Globus Tours. Thanks to our great travel agent Linda.

Most of the trip would be in Arizona, to see natural wonders such as Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Lake Powell. Then, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and Las Vegas would wrap-up this extraordinary adventure. We began the travels from Florida to Scottsdale Arizona.

We left rains in Florida and soon saw clear skies along the way to Charlotte. The last leg, to Phoenix allowed us to see the changing geography below. 

The live green trees of the Charlotte airport contrasted with the brown sands of the Arizona dessert area, as seen from above.

Gustavo and Mónica’s flight arrived minutes after our flight, and we met in the Phoenix airport, at the rest rooms!

From the airport, the Globus Tour package included a ride to our Marriott Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, about 20 minutes from the airport.

After surprising Mónica and Gustavo with a few little gifts (like this portable fan), we headed out to explore the area around the hotel. The Globus kick-off starts the next night.

Mist, for the heat, plus warning signs.

We took an evening stroll, amazed at the size of this cactus.

Beautiful night lighting. Below, an Apple store on the corner where Uber picked us up.

The next morning we headed out to see what was near the hotel. Another impressive saguaro cactus was right next to the hotel entrance (below). We learned that these amazing plants can live to over 150 years, and don’t even get their first arm until they are between 75 to 100 years old!

We have cacti in our Mirasol garden, but not this big!

The residential homes near the hotel had a wide variety of heat-resistant plants. Many were colorful such as these.

The heat was impressive. Artie’s iWatch shows the current temperature in the top left corner. As you see: 108 degrees F (42 C). As they say, “It’s a dry heat.” Just like opening an oven door. Even the concrete ledge was hot to sit on, as shown by their reaction above.

Misted walkways, unique architecture and cactus flowers.

Mónica’s phone from Chile had not been working recently, so we took the opportunity to visit an Apple store. It turned out to be the largest Apple store in Arizona. A new iPhone solved her problems and allowed us to use FaceTime together, immediately testing out the new phone from a few feet apart. It worked!

On Tuesday evening, August 13, 2019, our Globus Tour officially began. We received our packets with luggage tags (below left) so that they could be picked up each morning to be put on the bus. We also received our detailed itinerary and met the tour director, Dan.

The next morning we all enjoyed a generous breakfast together for the trip to Sedona.