Massachusetts Moments


Alison, Jordan, Ronan and Dalton in Waltham, MA

Their dog, Sequoia.

We planned a brief, 4-day trip, to New England, September 17 to 20, 2019. We left Florida, flew directly to Boston, passing over New York City on the way (Manhattan Island seen below from our plane window). We began with a couple of days in Waltham, with Margy’s niece, Alison, her wife Jordan, and daughters Ronan (11) and Dalton (7).

The Boston harbor looked beautiful from the air, as did the skyline from our rental car. Alison and Jordan’s house is shown below, including the new picket fence, partially painted white. It’s a work in progress.

Above, Margy and Alison. Below, Jordan and Alison.

We received a welcome note related to Jordan’s new baby on the way. It is a girl. She was referred to as our informal grand daughter, and temporarily nicknamed, “Monkey.” We are honored to be considered unofficial grand parents.

The guest room had special flowers that were from Jordan’s grandmother.

After Alison and Jordan’s wedding in 2016, a year later we toured their new house and the construction project in 2017 for the basement guest area (excerpted website photo above). Now, two years later, we were impressed with how nicely the guest area turned out.

We enjoyed the comfort and convenience of the new guest quarters. Above, Artie worked on the finishing touches to launch the website update of our August 2019 trips (canyon country out West, the Florida Keys, and more). At left, Margy relaxes in the lounge area.

Our first night, we went out to eat at Bistro 781, on Moody Street, near where Artie’s brother Larry had an apartment earlier in the year. It was good. As a result, we went out to eat there again the second night, with Ronan and Dalton too.

What does this magazine with Artie’s photo on the cover have to do with a trip to Waltham? Well, we were once again used as “models” for Devonshire advertising, and this latest brochure just came out prior to our trip. So Alison and Jordan were among the first to see it in person. You may recall, earlier this year we included the back-story of how we became Devonshire models for publicity.

This trip was timed so that we could attend the sonogram for Jordan’s baby checkup.

Everything looked normal and healthy for this 3-month old fetus. It was exciting to be able to witness the test and see the results.

After the sonogram, we were back at the house to be there when the kids came home from school. Then we all played in the front yard, including Sequoia, the family dog.

Ronan and Dalton performed for us with gymnastics, dance and acrobatics. They have lots of energy.

Jordan relaxes while the kids show their tricks. She also took the two photographs below, when Artie let the kids see that he too could still do cartwheels and handstands.

After the front-yard acrobatics and dinner at Bistro 781, Alison and Jordan had a parent-teacher conference at the elementary school. As evening baby sitters, we were entertained with about 1.5 hours of non-stop activity by Dalton as waitress, cook, dishwasher, business owner, wizard and school teacher. What a creative and talented young lady.

Dalton as waitress and cook.

The evening wrapped up with Dalton as the teacher, including tests for us!

Above left, one of several behavior tools posted on the walls. We laughed at the hand-made feeling of “hunger” that was added.

Speaking of food, Alison cooked us great breakfasts, with fresh-from-the-deck veggies.

At left, Alison gives us a sample of her hilarious stand-up comedy script. Below, Margy and Dalton pose prior to Dalton’s heading off to school in the morning.