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Plan and preparation

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3,400 Miles

2 Weeks (April 1 through 14, 2019)

70+ Family and friends visited

100% Artie’s brothers visited (Ray and Larry)

50% Margy’s sisters visited (Anne Fay & Bibba)

13 States crossed

$0 Cost for fuel

The trip north.

The return trip south.

The main purpose of this 2-week, 3,400-mile trip from Florida to New England and back was to see Artie’s oldest brother Larry, shown at right at age 22 in his Triumph TR-3 sports car. Below is a post-college photo, and more recent ones in his new apartment.

This was to be the first big road trip in our new Tesla, bought in December 2018. We packed our bags and loaded the rear and front trunk (called the “frunk”). The battery was charged to capacity, providing a nearly 300-mile range.

Above, the large central control panel computer screen, shows the battery charging progress at left, and the super-charging stations (in red) programmed along the route north. Below, Margy works on some word puzzles while the car charges in preparation for the trip.