Tesla Trip


Waltham, Massachusetts

The main reason we headed north on this Tesla trip was to visit with Artie’s oldest brother, Larry, in Waltham MA. This visit became a family reunion of sorts too, since Larry’s daughter, Ann, was here from Australia, plus her brothers and spouses came too, as well as Artie and Larry’s other brother, Ray, with his wife and their daughter Jill. This is Larry’s riverside apartment.

A safe and cozy apartment.

Larry’s wonderful and caring aide, Doreen.

We all met at the apartment together. When Larry said he was not hungry, Shelley offered him some halva, and he said, “Yes, that’s different!” He enjoyed his snack. Stevie also prepared special mushrooms, called Lion’s Mane (also available in pill form) to enhance brain function. At dinner time, we all went out to eat.

Despite the sadness of seeing Larry suffering from his Lewy Body Disorder, the family support was loving, laughing and lasted several days together. This was a special time for all.

Stevie, Danny and Ann did a fantastic job setting up Larry’s apartment to look and feel like his former Waltham home where he lived for decades. Familiar photos offer comfort.

Many photos from home included with his wife, Elaine, married 10 years ago, 6/27/19.

Below, a photo of Larry’s first wife of 34 years, Marianne, with first grand baby, Maddie, born 3/18/98.

Above, the portable iPad stand that allowed us all to talk to Larry remotely with FaceTime. Below, another apartment photo, of parents, Adella and Maurice, celebrating.

Danny and Roberta’s beautiful and smart kids, Maddie and Max, Larry’s grandkids.

These black and white photos were taken decades ago by Jill, showing Adella by herself and also with her three kids, Larry, Ray and Artie. The middle photo, of Pop, was taken by Margy a few months before he passed away, 30 years ago, in 1989. All these photos make the apartment warm, friendly and familiar.

Elaine showed us her apartment, one floor above where Larry and his aide live. It is bright, spacious and also has nice photos including from Larry and Elaine’s wedding in 2009.

Quality family time together at Larry’s apartment, including taking lots of photos.

Larry was surrounded by love and laughter during the family reunion.

The cousins chatted, family members met with Larry to share tender moments, we each cherished the special time with Larry and with each other. Seeing him smile, like at the left, made us feel so good.

We took a short trip over to see the old house in Waltham. The buyer plans to renovate the interior and re-sell the house when it’s been fully upgraded.

At left is an old 1975 photo of the handball court wall built in the back yard. Probably the only residential court in the entire city! Click this link for photos from 2015 racquetball games on this court.

Jill also got her turn at driving the Tesla. Can you see a common reaction here to the new car? We love it too!

A family dinner together. Toasting to Larry and good health!

A nice time together. Below, with Ray’s “photo shop” help, we even included Larry in the picture. Back row: Shelley, Ann, Nadine, Stevie, Ray, Jill, Danny, Artie and “Larry.” Front row, Max, Roberta and Margy.

Nadine, with her delivery truck from where she works in Maine.

Below, we each said our goodbyes to Larry with our last hugs and kisses.

Above, one of the first of the visiting Hospice nurses. They were very helpful in setting up the plans for Larry’s comfort.

A kiss we’ll always remember: When we were leaving, Margy gently caressed Larry’s face and gave him a kiss. He looked at her, smiled and reacted so positively. Even though we captured the photo seconds afterwards, missing the precise moment, that loving reaction and connection will stay with us always.

Sadly, Larry passed away at age 82 on May 9, 2019, one month after we last saw him in Waltham. Please see our memorial page for Larry, with photos through his lifetime.