Remembering Larry


82 years: January 24, 1937 to May 9, 2019

Artie’s oldest brother, Larry, lived a full and productive life. He was smart (50 patents), loving and caring. This memorial web page provides a glimpse of his life through old photos and screen shots (and links) from our web pages. We hope these images bring joy to remember our dear Larry.

Artie was born in 1947. Photo above right prepares for the “carriage house” that would store Artie’s stroller in the Brooklyn, NY, backyard. Larry (10) and Ray (4).

Above, back row: Artie’s mom, Adella, paternal grandmother, Shana Faigle, Aunt Bessie, Uncle Irving (holding baby Artie). Front row: Ray, Sel, Ira and Larry.

Left: Pop, Larry, Ray and Artie. Above: Cousin Irwin, Larry, Ray, Artie and cousin Ira. Below, more Brooklyn NY backyard photos of the family.

Ann was born October 29, 1964. The new family addition became the first grand child for Artie’s parents.

March 16, 1967 baby Stevie was born. At left, Grandma Shana Faigle holds her first great grand son, as Ann and Larry look on.

At left, Larry, Ann and Stevie in a wintery Waltham setting.

Below, Larry (4th from left) at our wedding, June 7, 1969.

Above, Marianne and Larry dealing with a big rock in Maine.

At left, Danny, Marianne, Larry and Stevie, working on the Maine house.

Above, Marianne’s sister, Gertrud, helps with construction. At right, cousin Ursula (far left) joins the line.

A Waltham gathering in early 1990s. Above, back row: Shelley, Jill, Brian, Ray, Daddy (married Adella April 12, 1992), Dom, Marianne, Larry and Margy. Front row: Aunt Bessie, Adella, Ann and Ira.

A visit to Chile in 2005 by Larry, Marianne, Ray and Shelley. What a fun and memorable time together.

Also in 2005, our home-leave visit and joyful birthday party for Marianne.

Another home-leave visit to the USA from Chile, this time in 2006.

December 2006, another home-leave visit and lots of family reunion time.

Our September 2007 visit to see Larry and Marianne was a memorable time. Good to be together as a family.

Below, some 2008 racquetball photos in the back yard of the Waltham house.

We enjoyed several summers of racquetball with Larry and his friends.

Larry was always ready to help with hands-on support, such as at Danny and Roberta’s house at left, and at our Nashua, New Hampshire apartment below.

After Marianne’s passing, December 21, 2007, Larry met Elaine at a bereavement group and Larry and Elaine had their wedding June 27, 2009.

We had a great family reunion in November 2009, in Rockport, Massachusetts.

A family reunion September 2010 brought two dozen cousins together for a weekend of fun and family time.

Danny and Stevie tell fun stories at 2011 Elaine and Larry’s 75th birthday party.

Below, back row: Artie, Margy, Roberta, her mom, Roberta, her dad, Ed and Danny. Front row: Max and Maddie with Indy, Elaine and Larry.

A great visit in 2015 with Ray, Shelley, Jill and Brian, plus Fred and Micki

Ann and Dom’s visit in 2017 was a great summer treat.

An April 2017 family reunion prompted this web link for old and new photos.

We had a good time when Sel and Noel visited in 2017.

A 2017 visit to Danny and Roberta’s house in Maine created a wonderful time together.

Summertime 2018 in Waltham provided our last seasonal visit to see Larry.

Below, Larry does his daily exercises in the Waltham kitchen.

Please check this link to see many more photos from our last time to see Larry at his apartment in Waltham, during our April 2019 trip from Florida to Massachusetts. Larry, we all love you so much and will miss you dearly. We’ll keep these happy memories from years past to soften the loss we’ll feel every day.

Keeping in touch through FaceTime was a great way to send our virtual hugs.

Visiting in April 2019 was our final opportunity to tell Larry how much we loved him. Please see the link below for many more photos from that visit.

Above, Larry at 22 years old (1959) in his Triumph TR-3 sports car.

Above, the family gathers in one of many reunions at Alley Pond Park, in Queens, New York. Around the chess table are, left to right: George, Larry, Adella (facing away), Artie, Michael, Ray, Mark, Seymour, at table Joe and Pop. Not sure about the partial face between Joe and Pop, or the guy at the far right. All fun times.