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We were in Chile, South America, from December 2018 to mid-February 2019, enjoying our time with Gustavo and Mónica and all our good friends there. We also had several family and friends who visited us. Be sure to check our web links to our Summer in Chile to see the highlights.

Relaxing pre-flight at the Santiago, Chile, Admiral’s Club and then a great in-flight meal.

An impressive world map on the floor in the Miami Florida arrival area where we were picked up early morning for our return to Devonshire in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

The beautiful entrance to our Devonshire community. Check our web links to last April 2018, when we decided to move here, and other photos of our new Devonshire home.

We love the beauty and comfort of our Devonshire Continuous Care Retirement Community (CCRC).

Refrigerator art from grand kids Julieta (2; left) and Valentina (6; above and below).

In our lifestyle of “never grow up,” we do enjoy our stuffed animals, such as this peek-a-boo bear at left, and Margy’s joy of playing with her food, imagining faces and figures on her plate.

Shortly after our arrival back in Devonshire, we went out to dinner with Elaine and Beverly (far left). See photos of Beverly’s visit to Chile, February 2019.

At right, and below, Elaine toured us around Palm Beach, where she used to live, prior to Devonshire.

Our daily 2-mile morning walk provides lots of natural scenes: alligators, birds, sunrises.

There are many varieties of palm trees, including some with coconuts. However, our favorite tree is the Banyan tree. Shown above, it has unique roots that spread out from the branches and trunk. The tree also provides a canopy over the nearby streets. You’ll see close-up shots in the “Models” tab later on.

An afternoon bike ride through a local park was fun and educational.

One of the scenic bike trails took us to this old saw mill.

One afternoon the Devonshire bus took a group of us to a wonderful production of “West Side Story.” The acting, singing and choreography were great. 

Speaking of plays, we had the honor to have a Q&A session with resident Edythe’s grand son, Thomas Kail, the director of “Hamilton.” He’s an amazingly talented professional.  Edythe is one of Artie’s tai chi students.

At right, Marty (resident services director) and Irene (activities director) host the Devonshire April birthday celebrants.

Our friend, Elaine, gave Artie a birthday present book, “The Great Bridge: the Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge,” by David McCullough. Perfect for Artie’s engineering and Brooklyn roots.

When Margy’s sister, Bibba, came to visit us, we went with Bibba and Elaine to see the production of “The Lion King” at the Kravis Theater.

At Devonshire we enjoy and celebrate many fun events with friends and family.

Above, Elaine, Richard and Jim.

At left, Tom, Tako, Bibba and Margy.

Below left, Cynthia, Elaine (another Elaine), Ann, Jean and Allen.

Fun with friends.

Artie played a few games of pool with our friend Howie, who grew up in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Howie won every game! At 88 years old, Howie is an active tennis player too.

Devonshire finds fun ways to celebrate holidays and special events, such as Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, “Western Night,” July 4th and more. The residents get into the spirit of the fun times together.

Pickleball player, Dennis (at left, next to Margy) invited several of us to his house to see the July 4th fireworks at PGA National. His wife, Salomé and daughter, Arianna (at far left) were gracious hosts for the large group. Pickleballers Judy and Bob (next to Margy) were there along with other friends and neighbors of Dennis and his family.

We had a great view. We stepped into the back yard of their house, walked up to the fairway of the PGA golf course, just a few feet away, and watched this great display.

We contracted with Devonshire for this installation of a 110-volt outlet so that we could charge our Tesla all-electric car in our covered parking space.

The power source used is a night-time lighting circuit, so that charging the car is only done in the evening. Although it’s a slow charge rate of only 3 miles of capacity per hour of charge, it’s fine for topping off the battery during around-town use. Also, when we are away on trips, this will keep the battery full while we are gone.

Above, charging updates are available on the iPhone and iWatch for remote information about battery status.

At left, Margy takes a turn driving the Tesla. We love this car!

The balance of these Florida photos are from our morning walks. We love how the sky and landscape looks in the early morning.

Can you imagine the feeling in the morning as we walk through the neighborhood seeing views like this?

And can you imagine seeing views of the setting sun like this in the evenings, from our apartment? What a great place to live! We love it here.