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Four magical days in Disney World

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For 9 glorious days we had our Chilean family visit us, from March 1 through March 9, 2019. Our boy, Cristian, his wife Antonia and their two kids, Valentina (6 years old) and Julieta (2) flew up from Chile to spend 4 nights at Disney World and then 4 nights at Devonshire.

Despite having spent 8 hours on the red-eye flight from Santiago to Miami, arriving at Devonshire about 7 a.m., they all had energy to breakfast with us, tour Devonshire, do a bit of local shopping, and then re-pack their bags for the 4-night stay at Disney World’s Polynesian Village to see the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. The plan included return to Devonshire, perform a baroque guitar concert and visit the area some more before returning to Chile for the kids to start school.

By the afternoon we were ready for the trip north towards Orlando, Florida, about a 3-hour drive. They all cat-napped on the way. We did a short rest-room break while charging the Tesla and then completed the drive to Disney World for our check-in at the Polynesian Village.

We were greeted and treated like royalty upon arrival at the beautiful hotel and surroundings.

‘Ohana means “family.”

Artie and Cristian did the check-in while Antonia, Valentina and Julieta kept busy with coloring. Disney has all the details expertly organized for convenience.

A swirling fire twirler entertained us prior to heading out.

We were eager to enter the Magic Kingdom, even though it was evening. We boarded a boat that took us from our hotel to the entrance, passing several of the other hotels on Disney’s grounds.

We made it!

All excited to see what’s inside the Magic Kingdom.

After a short walk around, to get the lay of the land, we took the monorail tram back to our hotel to watch the evening fireworks from the hotel grounds.

Impressive fireworks! What a great start to our Disney adventure.

Next morning: breakfast and off to the Kingdom.

A luxurious hotel, fun activities and close to everything in the park.

Tram, crowds, magic wristband and fingerprint entry to the park.

A statue of Walt Disney and Micky Mouse (created 90 years ago, in 1928) welcome all visitors to the park.

We arrived just in time to attend the outdoor musical stage show at the front of the castle. What fun!

With benefit of 3 Fast Passes per day, we avoided long lines on our favorite attractions, including this pleasant ride in “It’s a Small World.”

A surprise at the end of the ride was to see Cristian’s and Julieta’s names listed!

The Disney operation is so efficiently run, including the preparation and distribution of thousands of meals per day. We enjoyed tasty lunches without much delay.

From our hotel window (or the restaurant lounge as well as the outdoor lake-front beach) we could see the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom. Then afterwards there was also a free light show of figures gliding across the lake behind the hotel. What beautiful colors and sounds to wrap-up a wonderful day.

The kids loved the pool and hot tub, as well as the water slide. Fun for all.

Above, Valentina in the water slide. Also, Margy with her sand-digging spoon.

Margy shares her photo with the duck.

At left, Cristian and Julieta dodging the rain drops. We were lucky. The only day it rained was the day we left. The rest of the time was perfect.

Check the following tabs for our visit at the Animal Kingdom and then back to Devonshire for Cristian’s concert as well as a trip to Butterfly World and more.