Chilean Summer 2019


Arrival in Chile: the last two weeks of December 2018

In mid-December 2018 we flew to Santiago Chile, and then flew on to Chiloé, a touristic island in the south of Chile where we enjoyed Christmas week with Mónica and her family.

At the table, left to right: Claudia (1.5), Pete, Ale, Flaca, Gustavo, Bianca (3), Coté, Valentina (10), Mónica, Margy, Artie and Agustín (12). Three continents were represented: North and South America, plus Australia. What a great week we had together.

We stayed at Ale and Flaca’s bed and breakfast, Casa Chilota. It’s clean, cozy and comfortable.

We did a day-trip to the historic and picturesque town of Achao, as well as enjoy quality time together at the B&B.

We had a fun Christmas Eve together.

After Chiloé, Mónica and Gustavo traveled with us in her car, heading north to Mirasol, Chile. It was a three-day trip with stops in Valdivia and Concepción. We had dinner one night with long-time friends from work. Left to right: Gustavo, Mónica, Margy, Artie, Mary, Carlos, Nora and Fernando.

We arrived at our Mirasol beach house Thursday, December 27, 2018. We were amazed at the great new deck that Mónica had renovated. Once again we enjoyed the house, views and pool for our summertime do-over in the southern hemisphere.

Valentina, Cristian, Antonia and Julieta.

Below, New Year’s Eve fireworks as seen from our 3rd-floor terrace. For more photos of our last two weeks of 2018 in Chile, please click this link for year-end 2018 in Chile.