New Hampshire and Europe 2013


Visits to us, from us, live and Skype (including return to FL)

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This section includes virtual visits via Skype by Den and the new grand son, Owen, as well as Cristian, Antonia and baby Valentina.

One real overnight visitor was Artie’s cousin Lloyd, from San Francisco. Lloyd recently retired and did a cross-country trip to see friends and family. We had fun catching up.

Artie made a quick visit to see Jeremy, the physical therapist who treated Artie’s ruptured disc in 2012, bringing Artie back to full health. On the wall in the Advanced Rehab center is the framed photo collage that Artie gave to Jeremy as a “thank you” last summer.

At left are new friends, Derek, Ben and Sue. We enjoyed a delightful afternoon together. Ben’s folks bought copies of Artie’s two books as gifts for Ben’s future success.

At the end of the summer we made several visits for physical therapy. This seems to be more routine as we age! Margy’s shoulder and Artie’s lower back were bothersome and we learned about an amazing electrical stimulation system called ARP Wave Technology that worked very well for us.

Muscle stimulation while doing exercises brings blood to the area for more rapid healing. In one week we were both free of pain and we regained mobility.

Our friends Amir and Negar lived in our building for a year and just moved into this new home. We visited them before heading south. Below, Roxanna shows off her kitchen set and dolls.

This is not New Hampshire! It’s the New York City skyline above, including the new Freedom Tower, which replaced the Twin Towers. We passed through New York on our trip south from New Hampshire to Florida in 3 days. At right is the Empire State Building, and below is the George Washington Bridge. Next stop: Maryland.

We met for dinner with long-time friends Cari and Den (pictured here) and with Cari’s Aunt Jane, plus our friends John (celebrating his 60th birthday) and his daughter Jamie. Birthday cake was made by John, and served at Den and Cari’s house.

Telling stories, we laughed until we cried. What a fun night of celebration with friends.

Aunt Jane (a beautiful 85-year old).

The back yard view from John’s house.

Jamie and John, and at right, Yeyo.

When passing through Richmond, Virginia, we made what has become an almost annual stop at Trader Joe’s, including a brief reunion with an old friend from work, Charles. It’s a fun way to catch up.

Later that evening we stopped at a motel and were in Florida the next day.

Shifting time-frame again back to New Hampshire, one more fun visit was with friend and actress Jenna in her starring role at the Boston Common, featured in the next tab.